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Did you know there are two different types of tooth extractions? Well, it’s true. There are simple and surgical tooth extractions. These treatments are typically offered when a tooth is severely decayed or injured, when a tooth is causing harm to the smile, or when there isn’t enough room in the mouth. To help you know more about the two types of tooth extractions, our dentist, Dr. Blaine Cusack, is happy to share some information.

A simple tooth extraction is feasible when the tooth lies above the gumline and can be easily removed with forceps. Sometimes a simple tooth extraction can turn into a surgical tooth extraction, like if a piece of the tooth breaks off during the treatment. This is because the tooth will then need to be removed in pieces. Your dentist will typically use a local anesthetic and light sedation to help you feel comfortable during treatment.

A surgical tooth extraction is feasible when the tooth lies under the gums (has not erupted into place). Your dentist will need to open the gums to access the tooth. Then, he will cut through bone and tissue and remove the tooth. Your dentist will likely use a local anesthetic and heavy sedation for this type of treatment.

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