The Rewards of Flossing

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If you floss regularly, you are giving your smile the reward of positive oral health. Flossing can be a critical step in keeping your smile healthy and repelling the effects of cavities and gum disease. Flossing is a great way to clean your teeth where your toothbrush can not reach. That is why flossing is essential to your oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. Blaine Cusack, understands the rewards of flossing regularly. That is why our team at Blaine P. Cusack, DDS in Countryside, Illinois, encourages you to floss each day.

To help you understand more about the rewards of flossing, here is a list of information on what dental floss can do:

– help your teeth stay healthy and clear of cavities that could develop between your teeth or deep along your gumline.
– assist in warding off gum disease, and the bacteria causing it, from around your teeth seeping into your gums.
– clear remaining bacteria away that could be instigating bad breath left behind by your toothbrush.
– remove away smelly plaque and bacteria from between your teeth and deep along your gumline to avoid oral health complications.
– reach food-particles stuck between your teeth or under your gumline that your toothbrush can’t reach.

As you can see, flossing can be very rewarding to your oral health and help you keep your smile healthy and clean. If you have questions about your smile, or if you need a dental cleaning, please call our office today and schedule an appointment at 708-482-0300. Our dental team is happy to help you with your smiles needs.