What is Biological Dentistry?

Dr. Blaine Cusack and our team offer biological dentistry in Countryside, Illinois. If you have never heard the term before, you may be curious as to what biological dentistry means.

Your body is a system that is in fact made up of a number of smaller systems, which includes your mouth. For your body to function properly as a whole, all of the other systems need to be healthy, and your smile plays a larger role in your general health than you may realize. Poor oral health, especially gum disease, along with negative nutritional and lifestyle choices has been linked to respiratory and cardiovascular problems and are known to create serious complications for people who live with diabetes. There is also evidence to suggest that the risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease is increased by periodontal issues.

Biological dentistry addresses the relationship between your smile and your general wellbeing. Essentially, what happens in your mouth has a direct impact on your body. And many overall health problems may produce symptoms in your smile. In fact, your dentist may be the first person to recognize a problem that may require a visit to your regular health care provider.

Biological dentistry involves more than just addressing oral health problems. It also involves the way those problems are treated. Dr. Cusack uses materials and techniques that are non-toxic such as fillings that do not contain mercury or other metals and metal-free dental restorations. Once your dental treatment is complete, Dr. Cusack will work with you to detoxify your body and make any needed changes to your oral health care routine, diet or personal habits. As part of your treatment and recovery process, Dr. Cusack will also need to know your medical history, any medication or vitamins you take including herbal supplements and whether or not you are pregnant. It is also a good idea to give our office the name and number of your physician or primary care provider.

A healthy body begins with a healthy mouth. If you would like to learn more about how your smile and body can benefit from biological dentistry please contact our office at 708-482-0300. A member of our team can help you plan your visit with our dentist.