Silver or Mercury Dental Filling Advisory

“Silver”/Mercury Dental Filling Advisory

This dental office does not use any “silver” filling material for the following reasons:

FACT: “Silver” or amalgam dental fillings contain 48-55 percent mercury, 33-35 percent silver and various amounts of copper, tin, zinc and other metals. Since mercury is the major component of the material, any representation of the material should include the word “mercury.” Thus, in this office we refer to them as mercury dental fillings.

FACT: Mercury is a powerful poison. Published research has shown that mercury is more toxic than lead, cadmium and even arsenic. Furthermore, there is no known toxic threshold for mercury vapor and world-renowned mercury toxicologists have stated that no amount of exposure to mercury vapor can be considered totally harmless.

FACT: Scientific research has demonstrated that mercury, even in small amounts can damage the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, blood cells, enzymes and hormones; and suppress the body’s immune system. Mercury has been shown to pass through the placental membrane in pregnant women and cause permanent damage to the brain of the developing baby.

FACT: Mercury is continually released from mercury dental fillings in the form of mercury vapor and abraded particles. This process is stimulated and can be increased as much as fifteen-fold by chewing, brushing, hot liquids, etc. The World Health Organization recently concluded that the daily intake of mercury from amalgam dental fillings exceeded the combined daily intake of mercury derived from air, water and food (including fish).

FACT: The mercury vapor released from mercury dental fillings is absorbed very rapidly and thoroughly in your body primarily by inhalation and swallowing.

FACT: In human autopsy studies it has been found that there is a direct correlation between the amount of mercury found in the brain and the number and surfaces of mercury fillings in the teeth.

FACT: Mercury causes normal intestinal microflora to become mercury-resistant and antibiotic-resistant. Mercury-resistant bacteria cause mercury in the intestinal tract to be converted back into vapor and recycled back into the body. Antibiotic resistance is becoming a major medical concern.

FACT: Recent scientific research has shown high levels of mercury in the brains of individuals who died from Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Other research demonstrates that mercury can cause similar pathological effects in the brain as those seen in Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) and AD. Laboratory studies of spinal fluid from ALS and AD patients have confirmed that mercury inhibits key brain detoxification enzyme systems.

ESTABLISHMENT POSITION: The American Dental Association and various agencies of the U.S. Government still support the use of amalgam dental fillings. They claim that these fillings are safe based on 150 years of use and that there is no scientific evidence showing mercury exposure from dental fillings causes any known disease.

Should you or your children have mercury fillings put in your teeth? That is a decision only you can make.

  • You have a right to freedom of choice and informed consent.
  • If you want more information on the subject please ask any staff member.