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If you’re tired of the Tooth Fairy leaving money under your child’s pillow, then it’s time to get creative. Fortunately, there are other little treasures the Tooth Fairy can leave for your child if you desire. Those treasures are:

-Foreign coins: This might add a little bit of mystery to the Tooth Fairy. It might also make your child feel extra special. If you tell them the Tooth Fairy traveled to many destinations to find those special coins, your child might feel loved and valued. All you need to do is buy a little bag of coins online and you’ll be set!

-Glass beads or marbles: This might seem like a simple idea, but if your child collects those beads and marbles, they might have a bigger surprise when they lose all of their teeth. They might have enough marbles to actually play marbles and they might have enough beads to create a beautiful beaded necklace.

-Stickers: Your child might enjoy finding stickers underneath their pillow in the morning. You can give them one sticker at a time or a whole pack—it’s up to you! You can also give them stickers with their favorite movie or cartoon characters on it. This might prove that the Tooth Fairy is hip after all.

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