Dental Upgrades: Plaque Buildup Prevention

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Although it’s often easier said than done, a healthy mouth depends on being plaque free. In order to keep your mouth free of plaque, you should always make sure you are taking the time to clean it when necessary, which includes having a daily routine in place including cleaning your teeth and gums after meals. Common questions associated with plaque buildup are listed below:

What is plaque and how does it build up?
Plaque is a thin layer of debris and bacteria that rests atop your teeth. It is often formed due to unhealthy oral hygiene routines and eating habits.

How can plaque buildup turn into an oral health risk?
If plaque is left untreated, it can cause other substances to eat through your tooth enamel and damage the inner workings of a tooth.

What are the benefits of clearing away plaque buildup?
By eliminating plaque buildup in your mouth, you can lower your risk for several oral health ailments including cavities and gum disease.

What are my options for plaque buildup prevention?
To help prevent plaque buildup, always make sure you are practicing effective cleaning routines, which includes rinsing away debris through mouthwash or sugarless chewing gum after eating. Furthermore, always brush your teeth at least twice every day and clean between your teeth with a reliable interdental cleaner once a day as well.

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