Bruxism Basics

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What is bruxism? This is a chronic habit in which someone unconsciously clenches and grinds the teeth, usually while asleep. If continued for a long time without treatment, this can wear down your teeth and even result in chips and cracks. It can also cause permanent damage to your jaw joints, resulting in headaches, jaw soreness and even loose teeth. That’s why it’so important to take care of your symptoms soon.

One of the most frequent causes of bruxism is stress, as some people carry their stress in their jaw. Bruxism may also be a side effect of a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. There may also be an irritation in the mouth, allergies, or misaligned teeth, all of which are common in children.

Fortunately, there are treatments available to help you and your smile. You can ask Dr. Blaine Cusack to fit you with a custom-made night guard. We can also train you in relaxation methods. We can help determine the source of your teeth grinding and can direct you to a specialist who can help you treat your stress, allergies, sleep issues, misaligned teeth.

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