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Blaine P. Cusack, DDS

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Blaine Cusack graduated with honors from the Loyola University School of Dentistry in 1984 with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Today, Dr. Cusack specializes in biological and holistic dentistry, using comprehensive diagnostic tests and blood tests to provide superior care to his patients.

In addition to his extensive experience, Dr. Cusack continually furthers his education by enrolling in continuing education courses every two months to ensure that you receive only the best in dental care. Dr. Cusack is a member of:

In addition, he is:

Dr. Cusack’s focus as a dentist is maximizing his patients’ oral physiological state in regard to their overall health status. He understands that oral health is inherently and intimately linked to overall health, and he strives to help his patients reach optimal health through excellent care. At Blaine P. Cusack, DDS General & Holistic Biological Dentistry, our dentist practices general biological dentistry, dental orthopedics and orthodontics. He also utilizes his knowledge and experience as a member of the dental staff at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital and Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital.